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How could I have guessed that as a young
girl of twenty four, marrying Greg Parker
would turnmy little life into a some kind
Nearly twenty-eight yearswith you, young
Parker, and I can certainly say that
none of
it has been boring
. At each anniversary we
used to joke that there was another ‘long,
hard, painful year’ behind us. But really,
theyhavebeen short years.And
and fun
What anadventure.
We’ve walked the walls of old Jerusalem,
watched theGreatestNamebeing raised in
the Lotus Temple. We’ve been cheated by
taxi drivers in Indiaandprayed sideby side
at the Threshold in Bahji. We’ve crossed
the Nullarbor on a train with a 7 month
old baby. Sung at the Opera House with
Seals and Crofts. Been on TV together –
twice!We’ve slept under the stars, kayaked
and biked and tented (seems hard to
believe, butwewereyounger and Iwas less
picky!), snorkelled inGreens Pool,Western
Australia and in the Pacific Ocean off Fiji.
Beautiful caves, wonderful mountains,
silent forests, raging seas.
We’ve sung in Folk Clubs, Weddings,
Churches, Concerts, Conferences, Fields,
shared our Faith in song and story – just
you,meandaguitar - at countless intimate
gatherings.And then therewere thoseVery
Big Productions, which started with The
Face ofGlory and endedwith ameeting of
We’ve watched countless repeats of our
favourite movies and TV episodes and
laughed and cried and debated through
many of them. We’ve shared the gift of
friendship with remarkable people who’ve
shaped our marriage with their love and
shapeduswith their kindness.
Howcould Ihaveguessed thatasa
younggirlof twenty four,marrying
GregParkerwould turnmy life into
You brought Rachel intomy life. And we
brought Mary into this world together.
Two remarkablewomen, asdifferentasyou
and I. We are so proud of them! And you
can be proud of this: During those nearly
threedaysof labour it took tobirthMary, it
seemed tome likeyouNEVER leftmy side.
I remember thinkingas Ifinallypushedher
out, “
when did Greg pee in all these days?
When they placed Mary on my belly, we
wept together,me stupidlyexclaiming, “Oh
myGod, it really ISababy!”
Journeying with you has been fun,
entertaining,educationaland inspirational,
but it has also been vexing, annoying and
exhausting! It’s hard to keep up with a
burningmeteor.Onehas to just takeadeep
breathand trust.
Twenty-eight years ago I knew I was
marrying someone who would walk
through the fire forme...indeed for almost
I knew I was marrying a man of courage,
faith and righteousness. But I didn’t know
that I’d one day be sharing you with so
people who love you (you’re pretty
much a public figure!) or that I’d learn
from you– about living, about dying,
It’s been four decades since April 23, 1974
when you became a Baha’i and dedicated
your life to the service of humanity. I
never met that brash young man, and by
all accounts, this is a good thing, as I was
only twelve and I think you were pretty
scary back then! But I certainly know the
man you’ve become, and I amhonoured to
Now, on the occasion of your 40th
anniversary in this Faith, enjoy these
tributes from your many, many friends. If
one were to measure a life by howmuch
youare loved, thenParkerBoy, you’vedone
With love fromyourwifey,
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