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TheBaha’i Prayer
for theDead
OmyGod! This isThy servant and the
sonofThy servantwhohathbelieved in
Theeand inThy signs, and set his face
towardsThee,whollydetached fromall
exceptThee. Thouart, verily, of those
who showmercy themostmerciful.
Dealwithhim, OThouWho forgivest the
sinsofmenandconcealest their faults,
asbeseemeth theheavenofThybounty
and theoceanofThygrace. Grant him
admissionwithin theprecinctsofThy
transcendentmercy thatwasbefore
the foundationof earthandheaven.
There isnoGodbutThee, theEver-
Forgiving, theMostGenerous.
Let him, then, repeat six times the
greeting“Allah-u-Abha,”and then
repeat nineteen times eachof
the followingverses:
Weall, verily,worshipGod.
Weall, verily, bowdownbeforeGod.
Weall, verily, aredevoteduntoGod.
Weall, verily, givepraiseuntoGod.
Weall, verily, yield thanksuntoGod.
Weall, verily, arepatient inGod.
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