Greg Parker 24.01.55-16.05.14 - page 4

APrayer for
Create inmeapureheart, OmyGod,
and renewa tranquil consciencewithin
me, OmyHope! Through the spirit of
power confirmThoume inThyCause,
OmyBest-Beloved, andby the light
ofThyglory reveal untomeThypath,
OThou theGoal ofmydesire! Through
thepower ofThy transcendentmight lift
meupunto theheavenofThyholiness,
OSourceofmybeing, andby the
OThouWhoartmyGod! LetThine
everlastingmelodiesbreathe tranquillity
onme, OmyCompanion, and let the
richesofThineancient countenance
deliverme fromall exceptThee,
OmyMaster, and let the tidingsof the
revelationofThine incorruptibleEssence
bringme joy, OThouWhoart themost
manifest of themanifest and themost
hiddenof thehidden!
OSONOF JUSTICE!Whither cana lover
gobut to the landof hisbeloved? and
what seeker findeth rest away fromhis
heart’sdesire?To the true lover reunion
is life, and separation isdeath. Hisbreast
is voidof patienceandhisheart hathno
peace. Amyriad liveshewould forsake
tohasten to theabodeof hisbeloved.
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