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APrayer for
OLordmyGod! AssistThy loved
ones tobefirm inThyFaith, towalk
inThyways, tobe steadfast inThy
Cause. Give themThygrace to
withstand theonslaught of self and
passion, to follow the light of divine
guidance. Thouart thePowerful,
theGracious, theSelf-Subsisting,
theBestower, theCompassionate,
theAlmighty, theAll-Bountiful.
– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
Supplicationsof Love
WrittenbyGreg in1993on thepassingofhis
father-in-law, ChellieSundram, andnow sung
byMalini anddedicated toGreg
Nowyou’vegoneandwe’ve saidgoodbye
Will you soldier on in the landof light
And splendours for us
Andas you soar in thegardenabove
Andas you roar in the forestsof love
Remember us
Andwewill onyour behalf prayerfullyoffer up
Supplicationsof love
Heavencalled soyou took your leave
We’reassured that on the tree
of oneness you sing
Mayyouabidenear theheavenly throne
Mayyoudelight inyour newhomeofwonders
And sing
Andwewill onyour behalf prayerfullyoffer up
Supplicationsof love
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