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Prayer for the
OmyGod!OmyGod! Verily, thy servant,
humblebefore themajestyofThydivine
supremacy, lowlyat thedoor ofThy
oneness, hathbelieved inTheeand in
Thyverses, hath testified toThyword,
hathbeenenkindledwith thefireofThy
love, hathbeen immersed in thedepths
of theoceanofThy knowledge, hath
beenattractedbyThybreezes, hath
relieduponThee, hath turnedhis face
toThee, hathofferedhis supplications
toThee, andhathbeenassuredof
Thypardonand forgiveness. Hehath
abandoned thismortal lifeandhath
flown to the kingdomof immortality,
yearning for the favor ofmeetingThee.
OLord, glorifyhis station, shelter him
under thepavilionofThy supreme
mercy, causehim toenterThyglorious
paradise, andperpetuatehis existence
inThineexalted rosegarden, that he
mayplunge into the seaof light in
Verily, Thouart theGenerous,
thePowerful, theForgiver and
Prayer forAssistance
myDesire!What tonguecanvoicemy
thanks toThee? Iwasheedless, Thou
didst awakenme. I had turnedback
fromThee, Thoudidst graciouslyaidme
to turn towardsThee. Iwas asonedead,
Thoudidst quickenmewith thewater
of life. Iwaswithered, Thoudidst revive
mewith theheavenly streamofThine
utterancewhichhathflowed forth from
thePenof theAll-Merciful. ODivine
Providence! All existence isbegotten
byThybounty; deprive it not of the
watersofThygenerosity, neither do
Thouwithhold it from theoceanofThy
mercy. I beseechThee toaidandassist
meat all times andunder all conditions,
and seek from theheavenofThygrace
Thineancient favor. Thouart, in truth,
theLordof bounty, and theSovereign
of the kingdomof eternity.
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