Greg Parker 24.01.55-16.05.14 - page 8

“I’mwalkingalonga stony roadand
It’s the roadof tests.
I becomeaware that I’mnot alone, and
I turn tomy right, and there’s someone
walkingwithmewho smiles atme.
I say“hello”andhe says“hello”,
and I say“I’mwalkinga stony road”.
He says“I know, I’mhere tohelpyou”
and I say“so,whoareyou?”
Andhe says ‘’I am theMessenger of Joy”.
I say, “Soyou’reDeath!”andhe replies
“Yes,Yes, I amDeath”. And I say“So,
howareyougoing tohelpme?”
He says“Well,whenyou’rewalkinga
stony road it canbehard. But I have
joyful news for you.”
I say tohim, “Death, it’sdifficult. I’m
having troublenegotiating this stony
path.”He says, “Well, you’renot alone.
Therearehundredsof peoplewalking
withyou. This iswhat I’mhere to
tell you. As you takeyour journey from
thispath into theSeaof Light,weare
walkingwithyou, andguidingyou,
And so I amcomforted, because this
stonypath is thepathof tests.
And so I’m just... I get this idea that
whenDeathhailsus, it’s just not
something that iswords, it’s something
that is actionand that is real. And that all
the loveand the support that I have
hadwill bewithme ‘til that last breath.
So I’mveryglad formymeeting
I’mworkingon the story. I hope
it turnsout nice.”
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