Greg Parker 24.01.55-16.05.14 - page 3

ByGregParker, sungbyMalini andGreg
If I, likeAbraham, throughflamesmust go,
Or yet like Johnablood-stained roadmust run
Iwill not go fromTheebut ever stand
my soul andbodybowed toThycommand
To search insidemyheart andfind thePath
Of knowledge leading to theAncientOne
To searchbehind theveil and facespale
TofindHim, theObject ofmyquest
I’ll ride the steedof painand Iwould fain
Attainmygoal and know theHiddenOne
And toaprisoncell prostratemyself
InAkkabowbefore theLordof Lords
Andwhenat last our journey’sdone
We’ll attain thecourt of thePromisedOne
Andwhenwe’ve reachedour Journey’s end
Yes,we’ll finda trace, of theTraceless Friend
Andwhenwe’ve trekkedour journey far
We’ll gazeupon theFaceof Baha’u’llah
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